Five Years

Ago…I stopped writing here, right in the middle of yet another travel tale…creativity just stopped there, went blank and that was it…and I don’t even have an explanation or decent excuse…it’s just…wasn’t there anymore…very abrupt, just like so…

This move to a new site has prompted me to return as a reader…so I’ve been reading me…lately…and I’ve been thinking…again…I am reminded by my own words how I’ve been thinking was a trigger that used to open up a flow of words…meaningful and not, lots of words at time, even now they felt too long for a scrolling comfort…and yet this is a his story…a history of me, my life in a nutshell as perceived at these snippets of time recorded for no particular reason…and now, re reading it made it sentimentally real again…perhaps, I’ve got old and with it – emotional…again…

so, I’ve played with the new place a little bit, layout, posts, general design…it puzzled me at a start why, as I didn’t have an intention to continue with this blog…But it feels unfinished…and it feels almost a matter of honour to pay this last homage to the place where my heart and soul were exposed for such a long time…five years ago for the last time…five years?! time flies!…

I am promising myself and setting this promise in writing here… I will finish off my last travel tale of the journey to the most exotic place of all I’ve been in my lifetime. This would be a proper end of the MissTick as we know her, coincidentally wrapping up a lifespan of 17 years of blogging and a half century of living in this realm of our troublesome world…what will happen next…we shall wait and see, I guess…

9 thoughts on “Five Years”

  1. Glad to see y back writing I always followed your story glad you are back writing again it is a nice release

  2. Hi there! Okay, right off, which theme are you using? I’m still trying to get my page to look a little less sterile! This is a nice background.

    But truly, about the writing… I feel like… and it’s just a feeling for now… that this kind of blogging may make a comeback. It’s so much more satisfying to have a more ‘long form’ interaction with people. And you are right, there’s a LOT of history here for us! It’s worth honoring, preserving, and continuing!

    Write on!

    1. Using Astra theme and a background recycled from one of my previous diaries, just happened to be in my saved jpg on computer, so didn’t bothered to look for a new one. The one that I used in Misstick’s before was too tiled for my liking, so had to try out variations. Did play a bit with the Menus, took some time to figure out which goes where. Still have my Digest function to update with the new diary’s links, as it is pointing to the old entries which are unavailable. But other then that, I’m happy enough with what is here, don’t want any fancy bits anymore. Simple is good. 🙂 Funny enough – have similar feeling about sharing thoughts as opposed to sharing events on Social Media…who knows where this may lead us 😉

  3. Yes the link worked clicked on your name and took me to your diary good job figuring it out will try doing same

  4. This new site is sort of confusing for me but like you I keep messing with it maybe with your guidance I may be able to make better changes

  5. The link doesn’t work for me. Not sure why.

    Yeah….. purple. It’s a thing isn’t it? 🙂

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